Franchise Policy


1. Any centre violating the CMSDO rules or working against the prestige will run the risk of its registration being cancelled without any prior notice, and all expenses there on will be borne by the centre in-charge
2. No frenchisees are allowed to open a sub frenchisee or a branch on their own.
3. In case if they want to open their sub frenchisees, they require a prior approval of the CMSDO.
4. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is valid for a period of two years only effective from the date of the signing of the MoU. The same will automatically lapse after two years. The Collaborating Frenchisee will be required to apply again for signing of the new MoU. The CMSDO will examine the performance of the Collaborating Agency and based on their performance, the new MoU may be signed with new terms and conditions.
5. The Frenchisee will be permitted to encourage the trainees to get registered for more than one skill development programme provided it does not clash with the timings of the other programme(s).
6. CMSDO not responsible of Frenchisee wrong commitment related with Student about Admission or fees.
7. If any Frenchisee found in illegal activity CMSDO has right to Cancel their Frenchisee within 24 Hrs after complaint verification.
8. Books & Study Material for Academic Frenchisee Condition (Minimum 10 Admissions’/ Per Session & Form Submit before 8 Months from Exam Date).
9. Frenchisee solely liable for Skills & Training Based Courses Material arrangement and setup Like: Infrastructure, Tools, Training Material, Labs, Course Related &Equipments etc.
10. The Institute does not in any way guarantees the fake commitment of frenchisee and no suit can be filed against the CMSDO for non acceptance of certificate/diploma by any government department or others.
11. Duplicate Certificate Fees 500/-, Duplicate Marksheet Fees 500/-
12. Correction in Marksheet or Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma Fees 250/-
13. CMSDO is a self financed Private autonomous Institution which running under Rural Urban Skill Development Trust and not related to any other Government Institution, Colleges, Boards or Universities.
14. CMSDO Run Only Early Childhood, Vocational & Skills Based Courses 6 Months, 1 Year or 2 Years Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma Courses.
15. Frenchisees Please Read All Terms & Condition mentioned on CMSDO Website.
16. CMSDO has 2 Academic Sessions January/July.
17. All Advertisement & Promotion Activity & Expenses will be the responsibility of Frenchisee for their zone.
18. In the event of any controversy/disputes amount of any student/member/ employee of the centre or Institution will be resolved by the Committee appointed by the RURAL URBAN SKILL DEVELOPMENT & EDU. TRUST, New Delhi. Direct approach to the court will not be permissible; the decision of the committee is final. All disputes will be subject to Rohini, Delhi jurisdiction only.
19. That the Frenchisee shall be solely responsible for any loss due to postponement and incompletion for courses and the CMSDO shall not be responsible for any losses including pecuniary loss.
20. Frenchisee is not authorized to use CMSDO Logo or Name for their any kind of Personal Office Work. Note : All the CMSDO certificate / diploma is valid for private / business purpose, the main objective to CMSDO certificate / diploma to spread the technical/social , education among the people, we / our frenchisee make false commitment that CMSDO diploma / certificate is valid for govt job / higher studies, while taking admission in CMSDO pl make sure that cmsdo certificate / diploma fulfil your requirement